New All-In-One Scrubbing Tool Makes Cleaning ANYTHING Effortless!

Brush Hero Makes Cleaning Effortless

Finally, spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your hard earned items! Over 200K already sold & counting!

Do you dread tackling those messy outdoor cleaning projects? Tired of spending so much back-breaking time manually scrubbing & scouring…only to stop half way through because you’re too worn out to finish? Wish there was easier way? You’re in luck…

There’s an amazing new all-in-one cleaning tool that makes cleaning caked-on mud and grime so fast and easy, you’ll actually look forward to cleaning!

What Is It?

It’s called Brush Hero, and it turns your hose into a mighty, high-powered scrubbing machine that lets you EFFORTLESSLY clean anything in about half the time it would take to clean it manually. Now, cleaning things like your car, its wheels, your patio furniture, gardening tools, BBQ, bikes and more will be so easy you’ll never put off cleaning again!

Plus, Brush Hero is so versatile, you can use it to gently clean things like your dog, boots, cleats, and delicate surfaces you don’t want scratched like paint, chrome, glass, and more!

Brush Hero Clean Dog

How Does It Work?

Unlike the typical cleaning ritual of gathering your supplies to get ready to clean, using Brush Hero is a snap! Simply attach Brush Hero to your hose, flip on the on/off switch, and you’re good to go. Water pressure from your hose is all Brush Hero needs to scrub & scour – NO batteries, NO electricity, NO worry about electrical shock!

Just Imagine…

No more intense scrubbing! No more squeezing bottles! No more twisting and turning! Brush Hero does all the work for you!

Brush Hero is built with a patented, high quality, injection-molded plastic that never corrodes or rusts. So unlike other manual cleaning tools that need to constantly be replaced, Brush Hero is designed to give you YEARS of effortless, pain-free use!

Does It Come With More Than One Brush?

YES! From hard-core scrubbing to finer detailing, Brush Hero has the perfect tool for EVERY job. Each Brush Hero comes with two interchangeable brush heads. Use the heavy duty white brush head for those tough, caked on muddy, grimy, mossy projects. Or easily attach the soft, no-scratch black brush head for gentle, delicate surfaces and finer detailing jobs.

But Will It Fit My Hose?

YES! Brush Hero fits ANY standard hose, so there’s no need for extra connectors or adapters. You got a hose – you’re good to go!

Won’t My Hand & Arm Get Tired?

Nope! Brush Hero is designed with a contoured, soft rubber handle that comfortably fits your hand and it only weighs 10 ounces, so your arm won’t tire from holding it. Not only is it light, but Brush Hero’s easy on/off toggle switch gives you complete control over how much (or how little) water pressure you use. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, let’s see what your current cleaning methods cost you…

  • $100 to $150 for all the rags, sponges, manual scrub brushes, & buckets you’re constantly buying
  • The cost of wear and tear on your back, arms, and knuckles
  • Countless hours of manually scrubbing and cleaning

Or you can get Brush Hero (a one-time purchase) for the incredibly low price of $36! 

Every Brush Hero cleaning tool includes 1-soft brush head (easy, delicate jobs), 1-firm brush head (tough mudder jobs), PLUS it comes with a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY on all parts AND a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Where Can I Get One?

Don’t fall for cheap knock-offs. Get your Brush Hero by visiting their official website.


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Don’t Scrub Harder – Scrub Smarter With Brush Hero!

Cleaning your valuable belongings shouldn’t be painful, time-consuming or a waste of money. Finally, you can easily scrub and clean almost anything with just ONE tool, in HALF the time and with NO pain. But only when you get your Brush Hero today!